AgentSync Raises 25M Series A Funding

AgentSync Raises 25M Series A Funding

Company: AgentSync

Fund Raised: $25 million

Investor: Craft Ventures & Nine Four Ventures

CEO: Niranjan ‘Niji’ Sabharwal 

Future Plans: CEO Niranjan ‘Niji’ Sabharwal said that we use the funds for global expansion and accelerate growth.

Infrastructure Powering Company, AgentSync bags $25 million in series A funding led by Craft Ventures, Nine Four Ventures, and more. CEO Niji said that our biggest barrier to growth is the complex ecosystem in insurance. Brokers and insurance are connected by agents and we will try to make the connection directly.

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AgentSync is an advanced AI learning platform that understands the need of buyers and shortlists the results accordingly.

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