API RapidAPI 150M Series Softbank Vision

API RapidAPI 150M Series Softbank Vision
Fund Raised$150 Million
InvestorSoftBank Vision Fund 2
Co-Founder/CEOIddo Gino
Valuation $1 Billion 

API Hub, RapidAPI bags $150 million at a $1 billion valuation led by SoftBank Vision Fund 2 in a series D funding round. Qumra, M12, Microsoft and existing investors join the round and put ideas on the table. RapidAPI helps millions of developers to manage and create thousands of APIs on a single platform. 

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CEO Iddo said that we hold millions of APIs programs daily. Our API testing tool is perfect and more than 2000 enterprises use our program. We play an important role in API development tech, RapidAPI contributes toward development as the world needs API to build software easily. 

Moreover, With fewer developers after the ‘Resignation Wave’ companies need APIs to organise software and update security. As a result, RapidAPI saw a 4X growth last year. To a report published last year, more than 68% of developers use API to create software.

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