Ascend Bags $30M Series By Ventures & $250M Lending Promise

Ascend Bags $30M Series By Ventures & $250M Lending Promise

Company: Ascend  

Fund Raised: $30 million

Investor: Index Ventures  

Co-Founder/CEO: Praveen Chekuri

Future Plans: CEO Praveen Chekuri said that the raised funds will be used to boost insurance payment solution and lending commitment.

Ascend bags $30 million by Index Venture in series A funding and $250 million for lending promises to boost payment solutions at insurance company.

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Distributed Ventures and its partner joined the board of member. HSCM Bermuda, XYZ Ventures and many more fintech operators joined the funding round and mark capital. CEO said taht Ascend API with no code facility helps business to simplify payment solutions.

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