Baidu YoY 4.2B 131.5M AIhuangBloomBerg

Baidu YoY 4.2B 131.5M AIhuangBloomBerg
Fund Raised$131.5M
InvestorByteDance Ltd and Tencent Holdings Ltd
Co-Founder/CEORobin Li
Valuation $20 Billion

Chinese Company, Baidu’s share price raised after the Directors secretly posted the annual revenue picture on social media. The total revenue closed by Baidu last year is $4.2 billion and last month’s revenue is $131.5M.

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Open platform ChatGPT increases the revenue of Baidu by giving them a boost. Baidu’s platform iQiyi Inc. also public the sales of 1st Quarter. CEO Robin Li said that they have a plan to launch 1000 self-driven cabs before 2030. 

Tencent and ByteDance backed Baidu with seed funding. Baidu’s YoY growth reach 4.2B and they are planning to raise $300 million in a single funding round.

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