Beep 25M Series Capital 50MSoderstrom Orlando

Beep 25M Series Capital 50MSoderstrom Orlando
Fund Raised$155 Million
InvestorABS Capital and more
Co-Founder/CEOJoe Moye
Valuation $700M 

Orlandobased 25M Series ABS 50M Soderstrom Orlando

Beep, Orland based autonomous vehicles company raised $50 million in a series funding round led by ABS Capital. Previously the company raised $25 million in a pre-series round.

CEO Joe said that the big vehicle company moving towards economics and performance but they don’t think about driver safety. We at Beep Inc, make durable and economic cars with crash safety.

We believe to make the best and future-ready vehicle for your loved one, as we don’t want to lose anyone in the crash.

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We are on making an AI program with a self-learning ability to protect you from crashes. Recently we raised additional funding of 25M and we aim to expand and market in the next 24 months.

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