Breaking Bet Review | Pricing, Features, Pros and Cons

Breaking Bet Review

If you go out and check you’ll find a number of great arbitrage betting software. Breaking Bet is one of the best arbitrage scanner software that was introduced in 2018 and has bagged the top spots in the betting software industry.

If you are done spending a hefty amount of money for your arbitrage betting software package, Breaking Bet becomes your saviour, as it is cheap and best. The pricing of this software is kept 90% cheaper than other betting arbitrage software, then everyone can afford it easily.

Building an arbitrage scanner and competing with the top competitors is quite a hard task to survive. But surprisingly, Break Bet has become one of the most user-friendly software in just 5 years of its introduction. Here’s a complete Breaking Bet Review, so that you get t know about the brilliant features this software can help you with.

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Breaking Bet Review | Specifications

Price (per month)€12
Interface/ SpeedAverage
Arb TypesStandard only

Breaking Bet subscription Prices

Pre-match or Live Arb
Pre-match or Live Value
Pre-match or Live Arb
Pre-match or Live Value

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 BreakingBet features

  1. Interface
  2. Arbing calculator
  3. Tracking
  4. Filtering
  5. Live arbs

Breaking Bet Pros

Value bets are included for free
Low monthly fee
Access to 40 bookmakers
Integrated betting calculator with bonus features

Breaking Bet Cons

No middles included
The bookmaker odds display is a little confusing
No defensive arbing features

Final Thoughts

Pricing becomes the major reason why should be investing in this betting software. Other than that there are positive reviews from the users which makes Breaking bet a trustworthy platform to use.

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