Causal Bags $20M Led by Coatue & Accel in Series A 

Causal Bags $20M Led by Coatue & Accel in Series A 

Company: Causal  

Fund Raised: $20 million

Investor: Coatue & Accel 

Co-Founder/CEO: Taimur Abdaal

Future Plans: CEO Taimur Abdaal told JaneMBA that we will use these funds for marketing and growth. 

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Collaborative Financial Platform, Causal bags $20 million led by Coatue & Accel in series A funding. 

A seed round was held at $4.2 million in March. Yelp, FTX, Notion, and Brex join the board of investors with previous investors. CEO further said that we have seen a growth of 30% and plan to expand our employees to 12 to 50 anywhere at the end of the year.

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