Data WireWheel 20M Series Forgepoint Capital

Data WireWheel 20M Series Forgepoint Capital
Fund Raised$20M                    
InvestorForgePoint Capital
Co-Founder/CEOJustin Antonipillai
Valuation Approx. $280 Million 

WireWheel 20M ForgePoint Capital 45Mgraham

Va-based, WireWheel raised $20 million led by ForgePoint Capital in a series B funding round. WireWheel is a data privacy company that helps users to protect their data online. 

 Revolution’s Rise of the Rest Fund, Grotech, New Enterprise Associates, PSP Growth, and Sands Capital Ventures backed the round and joins the board. 

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CEO Justin Antonipillai said that we intend to use these funds for:

  1. Marketing and Expansion
  2. Accelerated growth and,
  3. Research and development

We are a SaaS platform devoted towards online security solutions. Our best Privacy Operations Manager helps to make data anonymous, with privacy compliance and protection to make you safe online. 

We have an active technology-driven company as a client which we can’t share as a policy.

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