Hometap 60M American Ventures 95Mann

Hometap 60M American Ventures 95Mann
Fund Raised$60 Million
InvestorAmerican Family Ventures
Co-Founder/CEOJeffrey Glass
Valuation $450 Million 

Hometap 60M American Family Ventures

Hometap, a lending company that offers people money against the equity in their homes so that they don’t new to take loans raises $60 million led by American Family Ventures in a new round.

CEO Glass told JaneMBA that the total amount raised to date becomes $95 million from the date of the incorporation.

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G20 Ventures, Bain Capital, LLC, Iconiq Capital, Pillar and General Catalyst also joined the board with the existing investors.

Moreover, the raised funds are used for marketing and more customer acquisition.

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