Jamf Manage 20M Apple Devices 47K Customers 16M 

Jamf Manage 20M Apple Devices 47K Customers 16M 

Jamf, an Apple associate company manages over 20 million devices now and has more than active 47 thousand customers. Jamf manages 16 million in the last five years, and 4 million in the last year, making up to 20 million devices.

Jamf is a 13-year-old company, which serves 6000 clients daily. Casper Suite changes its name to Jamf later after some issues with the company profile. 

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Jamf Serves 47,000 customers

Jamf has 24 out of 25 most valuable customer brands according to Forbes which makes it a tech giant company. 

Jamf also served to window-based devices with an uppercut in marketing. 

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