Kid Buu DBZ Greatest Villain Of All Time!!

Kid Buu DBZ

Some series are just unforgettable and never feel like we have had enough of them. Be it Naruto, Janemba, or Dragon Ball, the endless episodes and seasons kept the fans quite busy.

Among the many series, so many villains and superheroes touched our hearts. Kid Buu is one such character that remained his legacy behind. Kid Buu Saga is the eighteenth saga series from Dragon Ball Z.

For those who haven’t seen or read the manga yet, here’s a detailed post on Kid Buu DBZ, his appearance, his powers, and the reason behind his defeat.

Who is Kid Buu?

If you are a die-heart fan of Dragon Ball then you must be well aware of all it’s heroes and villains in specific. Kid Buu is one such powerful villain that is seen in the final season of Dragon Ball Manga.

Dragon Ball Z has seen so many forms of Buu. Amongst all Kid Buu DBZ is the most dangerous one. His sole motive was to cause immense destruction worldwide. He is merciless, and empathetic at the same time.

He has a child-like appearance with a strong body build. He is even willing to destroy his own body to cause destruction in the world.

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Is Kid Buu Same As Majin Buu?

Pure Majin Buu or Kid Boo is the original form of Buu that’s child-like in appearance but holds the most destructive nature.

Who Defeated Kid Buu?

Goku defeated Kid Buu with his super Saiyan powers. Although Goku didn’t hold any harsh feelings for Kid Buu and wanted him to return back with an improved personality.

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