LinearB 16M Series Battery Ventures

LinearB 16M Series Battery Ventures
Company NameFund RaisedLed ByCEO/Co-FounderValuation
LinearB$16M Battery VenturesOri Keren$200+

LinearB DevOps 16M Series Battery Ventures

Delivery Intelligence Company, DevOps LinearB raised $16 million led by Battery Ventures in series A. The round was co-led by TechAviv Founder Partners and ex-investors. 

CEO Ori Keren confirmed TheCasinoAdvise that after this round the total funds raised to date is $21 million. The company use these funds for expansion and marketing.

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LinesB helps in the Software Delivery Intelligence program for the Dev team. Many big companies like BigID, Axonius, Unbabel and 1,500+ software development teams.

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