OutSystems 150M Capital Globalwilhelmtechcrunch

OutSystems 150M Capital Globalwilhelmtechcrunch
Fund Raised$150 Million
InvestorTiger Global, Abdiel Capital
Co-Founder/CEOPaulo Rosado
Valuation $9.5 Billion 

OutSystems 150M Abdiel Tiger Globalwilhelmtechcrunch

Low-code app, OutSystems raises $150 million in the new series round. The round was participated by Tiger Global and Abdiel Capital. In 2018, OutSystems raised $360 million.

CEO Paulo Rosado told JaneMBA that we steadily invest in the market and plan growth accordingly. Our new plan for a startup is based on the “no-code rule’.

Moreover, we offer pay-as-you-go, we don’t want anyone to pay unnecessarily like the old subscription model. It’s totally based on the utilization of the program. The No-code apps are worse than low-code as they don’t offer optimization accordingly. Also, we have an active user base and soon we will expand our wings internationally.   

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