QA AmazonRoettgersProtocol Rausch VP Devices Services

QA AmazonRoettgersProtocol Rausch VP Devices Services

VP of Entertainment,  Daniel Rausch said that the Echo owners watch 70% of the show available on Amazon. We are trying to bring Amazon Fire TV to cars and other media platforms.

During a Q&A session with Daniel Rausch, he said our team is working to bring amazon services like game streaming, fire TV & more to Cars and other media players.

Q: How you will change the Smart Display to Smart TV?

Rausch: It is a secret that I cannot reveal in this interview, but I can say that the fire TV stick is getting upgraded and smarter with every update.

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Q: How Protocol works with Amazon?

Rausch: Protocol has different conditions to work with Amazon. We only have to give the data and it is their responsibility to provide the output.

We also told them to bring touch to Echo Devices soon so that user can watch their favorite show anywhere.  

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