Quino Energy Snugs $1.25M More in Seed Funding

Quino Energy Snugs $1.25M More in Seed Funding
CompanyQuino Energy 
Fund Raised$1.25 Million (additional)
InvestorEnergy Revolution Ventures, Doral Energy Tech Ventures 
Co-Founder/CEOEugene Beh

Future Plans: CEO Eugene with JaneMBA said we use these funds in our expertise and in situ. We are working on zero waste battery that is more efficient than dyestuff chemical-made batteries.

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Quino Energy Receive Additional $1.25M 

After the series round, CA-based, organic water-based battery company, Quino Energy raises $1.25 million additional and after this funding, the total investment will become $4.55 million. 

The round was participated by Doral Energy Tech Ventures, Energy Revolution Ventures and TechEnergy Ventures. Some confidential investors also were part of the Seed investment round.

CEO Eugene said that we are working and simultaneously loading our battery with real on-site data to check their capacity.

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