SalesRiver Gets $3.95M Led By Mucker Capital


Company:  SalesRiver (Source)

Fund Raised: $3.95 million

Investor: Mucker Capital

CEO: Koby Hastings

Future Plans: CEO Koby Hastings in an interview with JaneMBA said that our intent is to use these funds for accelerated growth.

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SalesRiver Gets $3.95M Led By Mucker Capital

Enterprise Sales Enablement Platform, SalesRiver raised $3.95 million led by Mucker Capital in a series A round.

Mucker Capital funds the round and joined the existing board of investors. We will introduce new products and market expansion. Our software provides data-driven insights to help companies to close new customers according to their requirements. SalesRiver AI system is generated in such a way that will take care of Customer Acquisition, Lead and sales management.

Moreover, CEO Koby Hastings said that we also provide insurance and mortgage services.

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