ShipHero 50M Capital 225Mpaul Hampsteadfreightwaves

ShipHero 50M Capital 225Mpaul Hampsteadfreightwaves
Fund Raised$50 Million
InvestorRiverwood Capital
Co-Founder/CEOAaron Rubin
Valuation $225 Million 

ShipHero Riverwood Capital 225Mpaul Hampsteadfreightwaves

In the last interview, CEO ShipHero said that they raised $50 million led by Riverwood Capital against equity at a valuation of $225 million. ShipHero helps in changing the old eCommerce model of shipping with tech and the internet.

All the investments are done on expansion and growth and still, we are the major shareholder of our company and no investor can change the basic idea of our company. We serve more than 50 giant eCommerce platforms. Now we shipped more than $5 billion in orders and 30,000 active clients. The funds will be used on software development, a one-stop FedEX solution with post-delivery tracking of the package.

We are in contact with a broker to buy land of 400,000 sq. ft. to make a big operating hub for all shipping storage.

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