Sightline US 244M Cannae 1B

Sightline US 244M Cannae 1B
Fund Raised$244M                    
InvestorCannae Holdings
Co-Founder/CEOJoe Pappano, Kirk Sanford, Tom Sears, and Omer Sattar 
Valuation Approx. $1B 

Online Payment app, Sightline US raised $244 million led by Cannae Holdings in series fundraising. The round was co-participated by Point Break Capital Management, Genting Group, and Walter Kortschak.

CEO Joe Pappano said that we raised this round on a valuation of $1 billion and spent these funds on expanding operations.

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Moreover, Sightline is a digital gaming fund platform that helps users secure payments. Also, the company have an active 1.5 million accounts that used Sightline to fund casino payments in the US. 

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Recently, in a PR Sightline CEO stated that they got a $100 million investment to boost the growth by spending more funds on marketing. This $100 million investment secures the ongoing expansion plans.

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