SnapLogic 165M 1B Street

SnapLogic 165M 1B Street
Fund Raised$165M                    
InvestorSixth Street Growth
Co-Founder/CEOGaurav Dhillon
Valuation Approx. $1B 

SnapLogic 165M Sixth GrowthlundenTechCrunch

Automation for Enterprise startup, SnapLogic raised $165 million led by Sixth Street Growth in a fundraising round. After the round, Sixth Street Growth joins the board. 

CEO Gaurav Dhillon said that we invest these funds for accelerated international growth and expansion. 

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Moreover, the company is working on to make automate workflows and processes, so that employees can work on client delivery processes. Adobe, Qualtrics, Siemens,  Workday, and more are some of the active clients. 

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