Snappy 70M Series Capital

Snappy 70M Series Capital
Fund Raised$70M
InvestorGGV Capital
Co-Founder/CEOHani Goldstein
Valuation Approx $1 Billion

Snappy 70M Series GGV

Techno Platform for Gifting, Snappy raised $70 million led by GGV Capital in a series fundraising round. The round was backed by 83North, Hearst Ventures, and Saban Ventures. 

CEO Hani Goldstein said that they will spend these funds on exploring acquisitions and diverse marketing processes. Recently, the company onboarded new Alison Sagar and Amy Stoldt as team leads in their respective expertise.

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Snappy is an easy gift solution for your dear ones. An AI-suggested gift for your loved one packed with love and delivered on time all in one app solution.

The company booked a 4X revenue growth last year and tied with new 1,000 enterprise customers for corporate gifting solutions.

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