StarTree Apache Pinot 24M Series Bain

StarTree Apache Pinot 24M Series Bain
Fund Raised$24M                    
InvestorBain Capital Ventures
Co-Founder/CEOKishore Gopalakrishna
Valuation Approx. $360M 

StarTree Apache Pinot 24M Bain Capital

StarTree Apache Pinot, a Cloud analytics business raised $24 million led by Bain Capital Ventures in the series A fundraising round. The round is backed by CRV and many individual investors who are working in big companies. 

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CEO Kishore Gopalakrishna said that we spent these funds on improving the UI and UX of our platform. StarTree provides real-time analytics of the business in a single dashboard with StartTree one can easily build business intelligence systems and enterprise applications.

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