Stork Club $30M Series General CatalystLundenTechcrunch

Stork Club $30M Series General CatalystLundenTechcrunch
CompanyStork Club 
Fund Raised$30 Million 
InvestorGeneral Catalyst
Co-Founder/CEOJeni Mayorskaya

$30 Series General CatalystLundenTechcrunch led Stork Club for better maternity care.

CEO Jeni Mayorskaya in search of better healthcare and maternity care set up Stork club and raised $30 million to provide better care facilities.

Jeni in interaction with LundenTechcrunch said that communication between healthcare and patients are broken and Stork Club helps to create a healthy path between them and they can avail of all service at their convenience.

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We will use these raised funds for expanding more healthcare units and collab with new hospitals so patients can contact doctors on our platform.

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