Synchron 40M Khosla Ventures Park FierceBiotech

Synchron 40M Khosla Ventures Park FierceBiotech

Company: Synchron 

Fund Raised: $40 million

Investor: Khosla Ventures with Bionaut Labs, Docbot, Flow Neuroscience

CEO: Thomas Oxley 

Future Plans: After years of research Synchron officially brings buzz to MedTech. Synchron with Bionaut Labs, Docbot, and other neurosurgeons bring non-AI tech for paralyzed patients that help them to order, shop, text, and email just by thinking.

Thomas Oxley, CEO of Synchron said that we raise $40 million to hire experts and upgrade equipment. We will restore communication for paralyzed patients with smartphones. Moreover, we bring the revolution by setting up the electric brain setup without surgery.

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