Taketwo Zynga Streetjournal 12.7B January Taketwo

Taketwo Zynga Streetjournal 12.7B January Taketwo
Acquired CompanyZynga
Co-Founder/CEOStrauss Zelnick
Valuation $12 billion

Take-two Aquire Zynga Told StreetJournal At $12.7B in January 

Take-Two Interactive Software company recently acquired Zynga, a video game developer at $12.7 billion.

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CEO Strauss announced on Monday that all the exinvestors and shareholders will get $3.50 in cash 0.0406 shares of the combined company. We are working on the project to make it profitable with new tweaks. The employees of Zynga will work with us. Frank Gibeau CEO of Zynga, will lead Zelnick and the team will work alongside them.  

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