Techtouch Bags ¥ 1.78B Fund in Seed Round


Company: Techtouch

Fund Raised: ¥ 1.78 billion

Investors: DNX Ventures, Mitsubishi UFJ Capital, Mizuho Capital, THE CREATIVE FUND, Dentsu Ventures, Sony Innovation Fund, NTT DOCOMO Ventures, SMBC Venture Capital, BRICKS FUND TOKYO, Archetype Ventures, DBJ Capital.

Co-Founder/CEO: Naka Imuta  

Future Plans: CEO Naka Imuta said in an interview, we are a tech-enabled platform and will use these funds for expansion. 

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Techtouch Bags ¥ 1.78B Fund in Seed Round

Japan-Based platform TechTouch raises ¥ 1.78 billion in seed funding global round led by DNX venture. The funding was led by the major capitalist DNX Venture.

CEO Naka said that we will soon make the company one of the top-tier companies.

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