VR AmazeVR 15M Partners Investment Murex

VR AmazeVR 15M Partners Investment Murex
Fund Raised$15M                    
InvestorPartners Investment, Murex Partners  
Co-Founder/CEOErnest Lee
Valuation Approx. $280M+ 

LAbased VR AmazeVR Partners Investment Murex

LA-based VR concert platform, AmazeVR raised $15 million led by Partners Investment in a fundraising round. The round was co-participated by Timewise Investment, Murex Partners Mirae Asset Capital, LG Technology Ventures, Dunamu Partners, and We Ventures. 

CEO AmazeVR said that bridge funding includes $9.5M and the total funds raised to date is $30.8M.  

AmazeVR will spend these funds on increasing operations and teams.

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AmazeVR is currently operating from the LA headquarter with small offices in different states. CEO said that we will work on more content creations and release them on weekly basis in 2024.

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