XiaoETong 120M Series Capital By Hillhouse, GGV

XiaoETong 120M Series Capital By Hillhouse, GGV

Company: XiaoETong 

Fund Raised: $120 million

Investor: GGV, Hillhouse, IDG Capital and more  

Co-Founder/CEO: Fan Xiaoxing  

Future Plans: CEO Fan Xiaoxing said we are going to expand our business, as he cannot share more information about their projects.

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XiaoETong Bags $120M Series Capital By Hillhouse

Chinese company XiaoETong backed by the tech giant Tencent raised $120 million in series D funding that is led by IDG Capital, actively participated by GGV, Hillhouse and previous investors.

Co-founder Xiaoxing said in an interview that they have some plans but can’t disclose them in the interview but the company have projected a growth of 300%.

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